WA-Alliance Council Elections

There are currently no vacancies on the Council:

 As stated in our bylaws, the elected Council must be a true reflection of the global nature of the WA-Alliance and the Administrative Professionals that it represents, with as wide a geographical spread as possible.

Council members should have a passion for the Administrative Profession, a strong sense of purpose and proven leadership experience. These individuals should be effective communicators, confident in English and comfortable working in a diverse international environment. Ideal candidates are strategic thinkers and creative problem-solvers who understand the commitments required to work in a voluntary organisation.

Council Role Descriptions

The role of Chair and Secretary are determined by the bylaws of the WA-Alliance. The Officer roles have been allocated by the Council. These are all voluntary positions (not salaried).

The Council members agree to abide by the WA-Alliance Team Charter.

Please click on the roles below to see the descriptions.

Regional Liaison Officer – Generic