WA-Alliance Council Elections

Are you looking for a way to make a difference and be a catalyst for change?

Are you an advocate of elevating the Administrative Profession globally?

Have you thought about how you could contribute to advancing the value of our profession?

Here’s your chance to make a difference.

The Interim Council of the World Administrators Alliance will be coming to the end of its interim period of 12 months on 4th September 2021. As the WA-Alliance is in its start up phase, the Interim Council was not an elected body.

Now that the WA-Alliance is incorporated as a trade association, it is opening up its membership process and the governance procedures are being implemented. This means that the WA-Alliance members will choose the Council by means of an election at the Annual General Meeting, to be held online on 4th September 2021.

Who Can Apply

We are looking for 9 individuals who have a passion for the Administrative Profession, a strong sense of purpose and proven leadership experience. These individuals should be effective communicators, confident in English and comfortable working in a diverse international environment. Ideal candidates are strategic thinkers and creative problem-solvers who understand the commitments required to work in a voluntary organisation.

At this stage, while our membership is growing, we are seeking Council members from as wide a range of countries as possible. As a global organization, it’s important that all geographic regions are represented on the WA-Council.

Applicants may apply for an established Council role as described below, or for one of the two new Council member roles.

Council Role Descriptions

The role of Chair and Secretary are determined by the By-Laws of the WA-Alliance. The Officer roles have been allocated by the Interim Council. In addition, there are two vacancies on the Council, with no specific Officer responsibility. Please click on the roles below to see the descriptions.

How To Apply

To apply for one of the above-mentioned positions on the WA-Alliance Council, please submit the application form shown in the list below. Please note that applicants must have a proposer and a seconder to support their application.

Application Form

The Process

Application forms should be submitted to secretary@wa-alliance.com by 30th July 2021new deadline!

Candidates profile and motivation will be posted for on the WA-Alliance website by 13th August 2021.

Members will be able to vote online between 27th August and 1 September 2021.

The results of the elections will be announced at the online AGM (for members only) on 4th September 2021.