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We invite Administrative Professional Associations, Networks, Industry Stakeholders and individuals with no association in their country to join us.

Why become a member?

  • To support building an enhanced professional image across the globe.
  • To help define standardization and career pathways within the profession.
  • To provide a global community that enables Administrative professionals to unite.
  • To foster collaboration between Administrative Associations and Networks to benefit the profession.
  • To contribute and have access to the latest WA-Alliance research.
  • To enable consolidated global advocacy for an elevated professional image.
  • To speak as one profession, with one voice.
  • Reduced participation fee at WA-Summits.
  • Access to WA-Ambassador Network
  • Attendance at our Member’s Forum
  • Support for you setting up an Association or Network in your country

We look forward to working together with you to build our global community, so that we can stand strong together to wake up the world to our amazing profession and the value offered by Administrative Professionals.

There are three Membership Categories:

Administrative Professional Associations & Networks:

Established Associations and (company) Networks.

Business Members:

Our stakeholders in the Administrative Professional industry, eg: trainers, training companies, publishers, educational institutes, personal development organizations. You can upgrade to Business Member Plus by having your company profile and logo including a link to your own webpage on the WA-Alliance Webpage ‘Our Business Members‘.

Individual Administrative Professionals:

This category is for individual Administrative Professionals from countries that do not (yet) have an Association or Network.

The WA-Alliance can support and guide you in the setting up of an Association or Network in your country. If there is already an Association or Network in your country, we encourage you to join them so that you can participate in their learning and development programmes.

You can find a list of world wide Associations and Networks at this page of Executive Support Magazine.

Want to know more about membership?

See our FAQ page or contact

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